The Fairytale Forest

A few posts ago I left you all with a teaser.

I told you how Jacob and I had hiked up to a place called the "Valley of the Snakes" and flipped out over how surreal it was. It was all too much beauty for my camera as well, which subsequently went on the fritz and wiped all the pictures as soon as we got home.

So we went back. But now we knew what we were getting in to, so we went prepared to do a photo shoot. I lugged two extra pairs of shoes and 2 changes of clothing in a backpack, trying my very hardest not to sweat on the hike up. No one wants to look shiny during a photo shoot.

We got to the forest, and, if possible, it was more magical than before. This is the type of place that only grows more beautiful the more you see it.

It is an "old growth forest", where nature has been left unchecked and uncontrolled. Here, you can find ant hills that are taller than you, and fern forests that look prehistoric. You could probably also find trolls under bridges and unicorns in distant meadows if you looked closely.

The one downside is that where nature is left unchecked, the bugs are also left unchecked. If you stand in any one place too long, you will be overrun by gigantic ants. Just imagine that going on as we tried our best to look like models.

Enough with the talking. Here are some pictures.