On the Aegean Sea

Jacob and I arrived in Izmir to find a surprise.

My Aunt Frances knew well in advance that Jacob and I would be visiting Turkey, so she saved a wedding present for us. She was going to send us to the Aegean Sea for a few days, where we would be staying in a friend's beach house.


After just a day or two in Izmir, we were shuttled off to a sleepy beach town called Ozdere: on the Aegean, with a spectacular view of outlying Greek islands on the horizon. Jacob and I didn't do much worth reporting while there. Daily activities included eating, swimming, reading, and card-playing (double solitaire). I worked on a puzzle of killer whales jumping out of glacial waters.

 Nothing exciting happened, and it was wonderful. But that also means this post is going to be a little boring.

Yes, the water really was that clear (and warm), please don't hate me. The exciting thing was that if you stood in one place too long, little fish would come and bite your ankles. Really. I was scared of them.  

On Sunday morning Jacob and I rode the bus back into Izmir to attend church with Frances. Some days earlier, we had been present with another gift from a close family friend named Margaret. (So many gifts! We sound so spoiled! I can't tell you how grateful and blessed we are by this outpouring of love). Before the service started we were sent off to have brunch buffet at the Swiss Hotel in downtown Izmir, one of the nicest hotels in the city. Brunch was amazing, they had an eclectic mix of Swiss and Turkish foods, topped off by a gorgeous chocolate fountain.

 We love a good chocolate fountain.

After our time in Ozdere we moved on to Selcuk, the modern town just outside of ancient Ephesus. We have been here since, staying with a sweet Swiss-Turkish couple and helping in their cafe. We have learned a lot in our short time here - first-hand experience in running a cafe, and the beginnings of German.

Tomorrow Jacob and I are going to visit Ephesus. We have been looking forward to this for a while. Selcuk is an incredibly picturesque little town - I have been taking pictures almost every time I turn around. Expect a new post soon, we can't wait to show you Ephesus!