Recipe: Spanish Tortilla

Looking back over the past two months of recipes that have been added to the archives, I had a revelation. 

There is no meat. 

It's true! Had you noticed? The only meat can be found in the form of bacon in the Farro Carbonara recipe and the crab in the Baked Eggs with Poblano Pepper and Crab. I was pondering this odd fact while I was making dinner tonight (chickpea and black bean burgers with tahini yogurt sauce). In a collection of 21 carefully curated recipes, I had somehow unintentionally become a vegetarian. 

I could come up with only two explanations: 

  • Vegetables are my comfort zone. 
  • Meat is pricey. 

Place a pork chop in front of me and my creativity will sink like a stone until a Google search of "best pork chop recipes" comes to the rescue.  An eggplant however? I have a hundred ideas for that! Ok...maybe ten... off the top of my head.

As for the price - well that, to me, is just about the funnest game ever: How cheaply can I make a healthy and exciting dinner? 

Spanish Tortilla.jpg

Thankfully, I am not alone. Entire nations have developed culturally iconic dishes around the pursuit of cheap and tasty meals. Take the Spanish Tortilla - it is essentially potatoes and eggs, a classic filling and inexpensive combination. Cooked in olive oil however, with an onion and a healthy dose of cumin and paprika, and you have something entirely different than your typical American potato and eggs.

Serve with a Sofrito - onions, peppers, and tomatoes cooked down into a cumin-spiked sauce - or salsa for a tapas classic that feels more like a feast than a my-pantry-is-empty meal.