Recipe: Spicy Tomato Soup with Cilantro Oil

The past couple of weeks have been busy. 

Months ago, imagining a life in Vienna, I had a somewhat dismal view of what the settling process might be like. I imagined, along with the vast excitement of being in the city, long weeks spent sorting out logistics, shuffling through paperwork, hoping for the day we could feel like we had a relatively normal life. It was impossible to imagine friends, jobs, churches - who knew when those would come along? It was difficult for me to guess how quickly we would feel at home in our new country, and I suppose I was mentally steeling myself for the worst. 

I was wrong.  Friends popped up the first night we arrived. That was quickly followed by a church, which led to my part-time teaching job within out first weeks in Vienna. The teaching job led to making more friends, friends who have already played significant roles in our lives by introducing us to other amazing churches and new friends. Those new friends led to another job designing a new website for one of the churches we had found. 

Even in this short span of hindsight, God's sovereign leading and provision is so evident. Now, a mere three months from the day we arrived in Vienna, we have a mostly furnished apartment that we absolutely adore, a group of dear friends that is growing ever bigger, a variety of part time jobs to occupy us while we search for full time work, and not one but three churches to choose from. 

What are all these jobs you ask?

Well I am: 

  • Running a family and portrait photography studio called Love Vienna (I booked 10 clients in the first month! That's amazing!)
  • Working as a substitute teacher at an international school
  • Developing recipes for a print publication
  • Co-designing and building a website for a church

In the meantime, Jacob is: 

  • Working remotely for the Engineering firm he worked for in the U.S.
  • Co-designing and building a website for a church

We are amazingly blessed. From having no idea what work might look like in Vienna just a couple of months ago, we are so inundated with possibilities we are running out of time to take on anything else (unless it's a full time job). We are continuing to look though, continuing to prayerfully seek out what the Lord has for us, hoping we might be used to build up and encourage the community around us. 

I am absolutely humbled with gratitude to God who took my expectations for the beginning of our lives in Vienna, and turned them on their head. Of course He gave us more good things than we could have thought to ask or hope for - when has He done anything less? And that will only continue, because that is who my God is. 

So I look forward to the future, and sharing all the news with you, knowing that however exciting or difficult it may look in the moment, God's plan is always better than I could hope for. 

Oh yeah! A Recipe! Enjoy. :) 

Spicy Tomato Soup with Cilantro Oil