Recipe: Kumquat Tangerine Marmalade

To me, this recipe tastes like California. 

Wonderfully light, tart, and floral, it reminds me of the warm spring evenings when I could smell the wafts of orange blossoms on the breeze. I always liked those evenings - they felt comfortable and exotic all at once. 


These days the evening air smells cold and damp, though if you are lucky, you will get whiffs of mulled wine and firewood. That scent holds another type of charm, one where you can envision strolls through snowy streets glowing in the lamp light, or curled up in front of a fire with a book. 

Both worlds are fairytales, realities that only exist for a few precious moments at a time before the reverie is interrupted by a question, a phone call, or another item on the To-Do list.

I like this recipe for how it gives me a bit of both worlds at once. I can enjoy the scent of California spring evenings while basking in the warmth of the Viennese holiday season. I wouldn't trade our current situation for anything - though we miss California we adore Vienna, and are enjoying all the holiday season has to offer. Much more on all of that to come - the Christmas Markets are blooming into existence, with a promise of an advent season full of festivities and excuses to stroll with mugs of amaretto mulled wine. 

But for now, I can still have a taste of California.