Recipe: Apple Cabbage Reubens

A while ago I came across a recipe for German cabbage served alongside bratwurst. Living in San Diego at the time, with a husband who has German food in his blood, that recipe was immediately added to the dinner roster. 

The thing was - it tasted amazing and it was easy. As time went on the recipe was adapted and memorized and I ditched the bratwurst. The cabbage, as a side, was way too good on it's own. 

It wasn't until a couple of weeks ago, however, that some of the left-over apple cabbage snuck into a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. That, my friends, was a revelatory moment. If I ever opened up a deli (not likely, but you never know) this sandwich would be the signature dish that made the deli world-famous.  

As for the cabbage it's self - shredded green cabbage is cooked down with apple, cider vinegar, and some butter until meltingly tender and sweet-tart. It makes an incredible accompaniment to just about any meat dish. 

As a sandwich though - with the crunchy-fried exterior of grilled cheese, packed with melted cheese, ham, and the apple cabbage? The stuff of dreams. Just make sure you have a few extra napkins on hand.