Recipe: Herbed Gougeres

Thankfully, not all of my recent cooking adventures have been train wrecks. My cookie failure blog post however, generated a huge amount of sympathy, advice, and spontaneous gifts of Baking Soda (which does exist here, it's just called "Natron", which to me sounds like an alien material Superman would be allergic to), and Chocolate Chips (they are a relatively new concept in Europe). My next batch of cookies will be unstoppable!

In the meantime however, these little guys below turned out great. 

Gougeres are a French creation, a deceptively easy-to-make cross between a popover and a cheesy biscuit. The base dough is endlessly adaptable, and would taste amazing with any add-ins from sun dried tomatoes to bacon. 

Serve as an appetizer, in place of bread with dinner, alongside a cheese plate - no matter what they will make you look like a très chic cooking genius rather than a cookie failure.