Why We Are Moving To Vienna

That is a question we hear a lot. 


For a job or specific opportunity? Well hopefully we will have both of those things, but now? No. We are just going. 

Two years ago, when Jacob and I left for 6 months of travel through Europe, we had very little direction for our lives. As you know, rather than wait at home for the questions to sort themselves out, we left. It was the best decision we could have made.

We viewed our travels as a scouting trip, a treasure hunt. We were looking for a future we could see ourselves in - a place we would want to settle down and a job we could be passionate about. As we traveled we talked and prayed and dreamed, and kept our eyes wide open to everything around us. 

Going to Vienna was a fluke - a last minute invitation only made possible when our plans for Italy fell through. We spent less time in Vienna than any other place we visited, but it was enough. Jacob and I both fell madly in love with the city. We had loved plenty of other places, but this was different: this was a exultant feeling of home. We had finally found it. By the time we left, two days later, we knew that Vienna was the place we wanted to be. 

Two years later, that feeling still remains. That in itself sort of baffles me. I've had plenty of "revelations" or made decisions about the future (ie: "I'm going to go to be an actress!") that two weeks later, didn't seem to be such hot ideas anymore. That could have easily happened to us this time too, but it didn't. 

From that trip, we discovered other things as well. I remembered how much I love to write and tell stories. Jacob found his love for foreign cultures and helping to foster relationships and understanding between them. We learned how our personalities and talents complement each other, and we are looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds. 

So at this point, we are just going. We are practicing German, looking for jobs, apartment hunting, and paring down everything we own to fill 4 suitcases. We have spent so much time dreaming of Vienna that our memories of the city seem threadbare. But slowly all of the pieces are coming together, which fills us with so much excitement we feel like bursting.  In the meantime we are savoring our last three weeks of American and California culture - going to the beach as often as possible and soaking up one last tan before succumbing to European pastiness. (Not that I'm typically anything other than pale.) On August 6th we leave the States, take a leap of faith and hope that we will fly rather than fall. 

Either way, I think it will be worth the risk. At the least we will have some good stories to share. :)