A New Adventure

Hi, and welcome to Where You Wander! 


For those of you who followed our blog back when Jacob and I were traveling, this site is the snazzy revamped version for our new adventure. What is that new adventure you ask?

Jacob and I are moving to Vienna, Austria!

As of August 6th, Jacob and I will be leaving California to continue our life adventure as we move to Vienna, Austria. Throughout our 6 months of travel in Europe we had "scouted" for a place we may want to settle down (for however long). Though we stayed in Vienna for the shortest time of any place we visited, the city instantly made an impression on both of us - one we haven't been able to shake in the two years since. 

State Opera in Vienna, Austria
Belvedere Palace Gardens in Vienna, Austria

The idea of moving to Vienna has loitered obstinately in the back of our minds, a leap of faith that I am both thrilled and terrified to make. If our past travels taught me anything however, it's that the risks that make me want to hide under a rock are the ones that are most worth taking. (Unless, of course, that risk is bungee jumping.)

Karlsplatz in Vienna, Austria

In the meantime, Where You Wander is our new cyber-home - a mix of all the things I love, and love to share: travel, food, and good stories. Bookmark this page, and check back regularly (daily!) for news, blog posts, travel tips, featured stories, and recipes. 

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I am looking forward to sharing our experiences and stories with you, and hope you will join us for what promises to be an incredible journey!