Travel: 10 "Actually Helpful" Tips For Packing

For most people I know, their experience of packing goes something like this: 

For them, packing is a sort of desperately executed necessary evil.  Sure, there is plenty of advice out there to help. There are the packing-guides in fashion magazines, advertising wardrobes of perfectly curated outfits that a normal person could never afford. (And if you do have enough money to spend $2000 on a designer pair of shorts, why not just hire someone to pack for you?)

Or you can read up on the packing tips that wax poetic about the merits of rolling vs. folding your clothes, starching your collars in a damp hotel bathroom, and other bits of archaic advice you will never use. 

So, being a seasoned (if not expert) packer, I have compiled my top 10 "actually helpful" packing tips that have saved me from the packing-pit-of-despair on more than one occasion.