Recipe: Silk Road Cocktail {Bourbon}

Happy half-way-through-the-work-week-day! (Anyone want to sign a petition to officially change the names of the week? Monday can become "Not Again", Wednesday will be "Finally", and Friday can be changed to "THANK GOD".)

Who wants a recipe? Ok, how about a Bourbon cocktail you can dream about through your day and make a pitstop for ingredients on your way home? Thought so. 

Silk Road Bourbon Cocktail

Some time ago Jacob and I succumbed to the craft cocktail craze and began hunting down trendy local bars to purchase interesting overly priced concoctions. Some of our hunting resulted in remarkable finds (jalapeno-infused tequila Bloody Mary = winner), others - not so much. This recipe however, adapted from a drink served by Craft & Commerce called the Eastern Prospector, has become one of our favorites to make at home. 

Dubbing our version the "Silk Road", this recipe makes for an incredibly refreshing drink with complex flavors that complement the natural earthiness of the bourbon. Best of all, the recipe does not require any odd ingredients only to be found in an expert bar tending set-up. If you are feeling fancy however, you can always throw a couple of black tea bags and orange slices into the bourbon for a couple hours to give it a nice smokey tea flavor (thus the name "Silk Road").