Recipe: Nutella Madeleines

Now that Jacob and I are in Vienna, I am sure you are expecting all of the recipes incorporate various forms of schnitzel or strudel, or to be cooked only while singing songs from The Sound of Music. 

Never fear, that day may come. Today however, I have a real, bonafide French recipe to share with you. Lots of recipes claim to be French, so how do I know this is the genuine article? Well...

1. My mom brought it back from France
2. I had to translate it

Nutella Madelaines

Madeleines are quintessential French tea cakes, best known by their elegant shell shape. The flavor is sweet and delicate, sometimes slightly almond tinged, and a perfect accompaniment to coffee or tea. As a child they always reminded me of the tins of the absolutely terrible, how-is-it-possible-to-taste-this-gross cookies a sweet old family friend would give us when we visited France. I had a love/hate relationship with visiting that dear old lady. Her doll collection was fascinating, but it meant having to eat those cookies.

So, though I have since grown out of the distaste for those cookies (and rather suspect I may like them now), I always found madeleines a tad bit ... boring.  

When my mother uncovered a recipe for Nutella Madeleines, I all but immediately began preheating the oven. I may be biased towards Nutella, but I am a firm believer that any thing hazelnut flavored will taste amazing, with extra points if it's chocolatey. A dollop of Nutella in the bottom of the tin, the batter poured on top, and soon you have the perfect madeleines: a counterpoint of buttery sweetness and the caramelized sugar of the baked Nutella.