Travel: How To Find Cheap Airline Tickets

The biggest, scariest step in traveling is buying your plane ticket. 


It's a game in second guessing. Is that the cheapest ticket available? The shortest flight? The best airline? Thankfully, purchasing an airplane ticket does not need to feel like hitting a target while blindfolded, but searching for advice online doesn't always make for a good solution.

I am beginning to see more and more clearly that Internet opinion is a dangerous thing. Sometimes those opinions can help; but why are the only people who share their stories the ones who have ridiculously bad experiences - most of which are likely a result of their own stupidity? (Though that's not the way they see it, of course.) 

So here is a good story for you: Jacob and I bought our tickets through Turkish Airlines through a bargain site (Cheap0Air), and everything went perfectly. There were no issues with logistics, the flight was comfortable and the food delicious. Encouraging though that might be, it does make for a boring story, doesn't it? But when it comes to airplane travel, boring is good. 

Well then, how about that advice?