Recipe: Citrus Roasted Olives

I find that when it comes to creating recipes, I'm a little predictable. I love easy, versatile dishes that can just as easily stand on their own as be paired in a menu or placed on a cheese board. I have a soft spot for Spanish Tapas, and any food that nails the balance of savory-sweet-sour-spicy. 

So when my mother-in-law first served this dish at a dinner party, it was love at first sight. 

Citrus Roasted Olives

Olives and garlic cloves are tossed with dried herbs, chili flakes, and slice of orange, then drowned in olive oil and roasted until it smells so good it's hard to resist the temptation to face-plant straight into the pan. (The hot oil is a good deterrent though.) 

Simple and hands-off though the treatment may be, the result is a pan of sweet roasted garlic and beautifully mellowed olives with bright little notes of chili and sweet orange. Best of all, the olive oil infuses with all the wonderful flavors in the pan, and makes for a perfect base for salad dressings or anything else you can think of. 

I really like olives so you might think I'm biased towards this recipe (and you would be right), but perhaps the best testimony I can offer is that I have seen this recipe convert olive-haters into olive-lovers. Now that, my friends, is a good recipe.