This Is Happening

As my dear friend Hannah just posted on my Facebook wall: 

You're doing it.

After two years of dreaming, planning, hopes, and disappointments, the wait is juuuuuust about to be over. It is now only two short days before we step onto the plane and begin a new, thrilling, and terrifying adventure.

This post will be a short one, a wave to all our friends out there, before returning to packing and car selling and service canceling and trying not to cry as we say, not "goodbye" but "see you soon". 

Last night Jacob and I said goodbye to the ocean, watching a final (for now) sunset over the Pacific before moving to a landlocked country. It couldn't have been a more perfect sunset. The unseasonal humidity was dispersing in the ocean breeze, the heavy clouds just parting to frame the sun as it set. The colors were soft, the water warm, with a school of dolphins silhouetted against the light. 

We've had a number of good sunsets lately, each one seeming like a little love note from God saying, "See? If I can paint such beautiful skies day in and day out, how much more can I paint a beautiful life for you as well?"