Travel: 5 Ways To Sabotage Your Vacation

My travel day-dreams are always the same: Beautifully dressed and wearing chic red lipstick, I am walking through the golden glow of Paris (or London, or Barcelona) at sunset while handsome men (Jacob) blow me kisses. 

City Street

Then I arrive in Paris, jet lagged and hungry, with greasy face and matted hair, and realize the ugly truth that being in France didn’t mean I miraculously left all my hang-ups behind. In fact, I find that for all its splendor, Paris is still a real city, filled with real, beautifully flawed people, and I am just as flawed as the rest.  

Having traveled a fair amount, I know that moment of disillusionment very well.  When it comes to travel however, you make your own destiny. You can let your joy be stolen by the unceremonious disintegration of your dreams, or you can embrace the moment and find joy in the unexpected. 

The good news for you is that I have discovered (the hard way, of course) five sure-fire ways to sabotage your travels. When it comes to this, learning by personal experience is overrated, so feel free to count me as your guinea pig.