Recipe: Spiced Chai Vodka Cocktail

And just like that, autumn has arrived. 

Autumn has always been my favorite season for all the clichés - scarves and boots, pumpkins and comfort foods, air that is simultaneously crisp and warm, changing leaves, and the promise of the holidays on the horizon. When my family moved to Southern California however, autumn disappeared. The first day of fall was just as hot as any other summer afternoon. My longing for crisp weather meant that anytime the thermostat fell beneath 60 degrees I dusted off my parka with glee. 

Here in Austria however, autumn kicked off well before it's time. After years of missing cool weather, I am not disposed to complain...but maybe you should ask me again four months down the road. 

Jacob dreamt up (or as he would say, "skillfully mastered") this cocktail in honor of fall and all the flavors that make food-lovers sing for autumnal joy.

Vodka has never been my favorite of the spirits - I love my drinks with deep, complex flavors. As it turns out however, throw a couple of bags of chai tea into the vodka and surprise!, a couple of hours later you have gorgeously flavored vodka with the taste of chai front and center. Dress it up a bit - bitters, some citrus and sweetness to balance the spice - and soon you will be trading in your afternoon pumpkin spice latte for one of these.