Recipe: Summer Radish Tartines & Aperol Spritzers

It has been a blisteringly hot summer. The hottest summer, in fact, in Austria's recorded history (and they started recording some time in the 1700s, so that's a big deal). Most Austrians will tell you that a summer will contain one or two days where the thermostat is above 90 degrees Fahrenheit - this summer, we are nearing on two months of it. 

It has not just been Austria though. All of Europe is suffering from the heatwave, and parts of the Middle East are reporting mind-numbing figures like 165 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The dog days of summer indeed. (I am SO excited for Autumn.)

Until then however, Jacob and I have been enjoying a luxury few Viennese have: air conditioning. Yes, we have air conditioning. Not just one, but three air conditioning units, meaning to me that the previous tenant had a fixation on hyper-cooled air. We are so grateful. 

Even with the air though, many of the 100 degree days (with a relatively high humidity point) have been spent trying not to move and certainly trying anything to avoid turning on the oven or stove.

I like finding recipes that makes my heat-avoidance look glamorous rather than lazy. These Radish Tartines have become one of my go-to recipes this summer, and at this rate, will still be in the repertoire even after my oven and I have made amends. 

The recipe I have included is the "fancy" version, though I will share the "I'm hungry now" version too, which is just as good: bread, radishes, cream cheese, salt, and olive oil. The combination is simple, light, refreshing, and filled with beautiful layers of contrasting textures and grassy-creamy flavors. 

Then you need something to drink. Overall I am not a huge fan of spritzers - I tend to like my alcoholic beverages to taste like alcohol, not fruit juice. This spritzer is the best of both worlds - tangy, sweet, refreshing, with multiple nuanced layers and a slightly bitter finish from the Aperol. Pair the Radish Tartines with this Aperol Spritzer, and you just may forget about the heat for a little while.