A Year of Vienna in Review

Dear world, I have not forgotten about you! I know I have been mysteriously absent the past several months - a result of a season so busy that it left Jacob and I trying to catch our breath and wondering how to slow down. 

The past few months have had their fair share of adventure - a hike through rain and snow up to an alpine lake, a whirlwind weekend in Tuscany to visit dear friends, an unexpected trip to India...

That's right, I said India. I spent Thanksgiving week there on a business trip, and as you can imagine, it was quite the memorable experience. I have a blog post on India nearly ready to go, so you can expect that coming your way soon. 

Our busyness forced us to reprioritize our schedules and lives, as we came dangerously close to burning out this past autumn. I have made the decision to stop actively pursuing my photography side-business, opting to be more intentional about taking time to rest instead. Jacob and I have taken up Thai Boxing as a sport, and take classes at a gym several times a week - a routine that is as good for our mental and emotional happiness as it is for our bodies. Then of course there is work, church, friends, German class, and all the little odds and ends that add up to a full and abundant life. 

And friends, we DO have an abundant life. It is not easy, but for all of its hardships we are still blessed beyond belief. Life is only getting more exciting and full of possibility as we grow, learn, and draw closer into the heart of our God and Father. 

I recently spent some time scrolling through pictures from 2015 - little snapshots taken here and there that never made it to Facebook or any wider audience. A handful you may have seen before - snagged to supplement a blog post, but most are just from little moments from day to day life and friends. Here, in chronological order (as best as I can remember), is our 2015 in review:

A Year of Vienna in Review