Travel: How To Travel Long Term (Without Going Broke)

Not too long ago I received a really exciting email. 

An old friend-of-a-friend from university days tracked me down and said she was planning a long trip with her husband - would I mind answering some travel questions?

Would I?!  Answering travel questions is practically one of my love languages (along with food, of course). My old friend received an email back from me that may have been a little too enthusiastic. Yes, give me all your questions! 

That interaction made me realize something however - I have been traveling for as long as I can remember. I was one year old for my first trans-Atlantic trip, a feat for which my mother deserves an award. As a result however, many of the questions that plague travelers have never even crossed my mind. The answers were trained into me along with being able to pee in a toilet. 

Suddenly I realized that my "love language" assumes quite a lot of prerequisite knowledge. So here is my question and rally cry to you, dear friends: 

What are your travel questions? 

When you are planning a trip, what keeps you lying awake at night? What keeps you in endless looping Google searches for information? I would love to know, and I would love to share a bit of my experience if it is helpful. I may not always have an answer for you, but I promise to have an opinion. (Hah - you can always count on me for an opinion!) 

So comment, message, tweet, and email ( your questions! I look forward to reading, sharing, and discussing them with you! 

In the meantime though - inspired by a question Jacob and I have received regarding our past travels and planning strategies: 

How To Travel Long Term
(Without Going Broke)


Travel: 10 "Actually Helpful" Tips For Packing

For most people I know, their experience of packing goes something like this: 

For them, packing is a sort of desperately executed necessary evil.  Sure, there is plenty of advice out there to help. There are the packing-guides in fashion magazines, advertising wardrobes of perfectly curated outfits that a normal person could never afford. (And if you do have enough money to spend $2000 on a designer pair of shorts, why not just hire someone to pack for you?)

Or you can read up on the packing tips that wax poetic about the merits of rolling vs. folding your clothes, starching your collars in a damp hotel bathroom, and other bits of archaic advice you will never use. 

So, being a seasoned (if not expert) packer, I have compiled my top 10 "actually helpful" packing tips that have saved me from the packing-pit-of-despair on more than one occasion.