Recipe: Plum Clafoutis

Meet my new favorite dessert, the Plum Clafoutis.

Last Autumn, Jacob and I "discovered" Tarte Tatin, an upside-down French apple tart. Yum. It is delicious, impressive, and baked in caramel, which means making it is a pain in the butt...I mean, labor of love. 

The technique includes making a butter caramel in a heavy skillet, then cooking the apples in the soft caramel sauce, and covering everything with puff pastry before transferring the whole deal to the oven. After baking comes the ever-treacherous flip, which has flung molten caramel across my kitchen more than once. 

In comparison, you have the Plum Clafoutis, our current summer obsession. A Plum Clafoutis uses a similar technique as the Tarte Tatin, while thankfully leaving out the dangerous bits (I have spent a lot less time scrubbing burnt sugar off my stove this time around).

The plums are cooked briefly in butter and sugar, forming a thick syrup around the plums and giving the fruit a caramelized bite. The fruit and syrup is then transferred to a pie tin, topped with an eggy, pancake-like batter, then popped into the oven to finish baking. While baking, the cake puffs up (similar to a Dutch Baby), and the plums rise to the surface to show off. 

Topped with powdered sugar before serving, a Clafoutis makes a unique and elegant dessert, while also pairing beautifully with coffee for brunch or an afternoon tea. 

Best of all, the a Clafoutis is a highly customizable cake, and can be made with just about any summer stone fruit you have on hand. Cherries? No problem. Peaches? Nectarines? Go for it. While the small sweet-sour Zwetschgen plums are plentiful in Vienna though, I will be making a lot of Clafoutis.